Copper Mine 4WD Adventure (2hr)

Stories of ghost towns on the ridges. A copper mine with coloured rock and the ruins of an ingenious aussie-designed smelter. Rugged 4WD with steep mountains to climb and big rivers to cross.

This 4WD passenger tour with Mountain-Top Experience explores historic ghost towns from the gold mining era, traveling along old coach roads and pack-horse trails along the ridges above Walhalla. Your tour guide relates some amazing yarns of life in frontier mining towns. You may also be astonished by the capabilities of the 4WD tour vehicle. The tour normally takes a little under two hours. Stories and old photos give an appreciation of the lifestyle of early pioneers. As well as the copper mine and smelter, there are ruins of historic lime kilns having an amazing connection with Australia’s tallest building. The exact route may vary according to track and weather conditions on the day, but an unforgettable, educational adventure is guaranteed!


Departs from Rawson or Walhalla. Phone booking essential, on 5134 6876 or 5165 3231.

11:00am, 1:00 or 3:00pm from Stringers Park (BBQ area), Main Road, Walhalla (sign and seat below)


$25 / passenger (min. booking $100)

We can take up to 8 passengers per vehicle. For larger numbers please make bookings well in advance.