Hidden in a steep-sided valley, Walhalla is Gippsland’s most evocative and loved historic town. After the discovery of gold in 1863 Walhalla thrived as one of Australia’s richest towns with over 4000 people living in the area at its peak in the 1880s.

Walhalla Historic Township

Step back in time and experience the beauty of the historic gold mining town of Walhalla.


Copper Mine Adventure

A 2 hour passenger tour from Walhalla or Rawson. Stories of ghost towns on the ridges. A copper mine with coloured rock and ruins of an ingenious aussie-designed smelter. Rugged 4WD with steep mountains to climb and big rivers to cross.


Walhalla's Historic Ghost Towns

A half day passenger tour from Walhalla or Rawson. This 4WD tour explores historic ghost towns from the gold mining era, travelling along old coach roads and packhorse trails on the ridges above Walhalla. Stories and old photos give an appreciation of the lifestyle of early pioneers (incorporates Copper Mine Adventure).


Australian Alps Walking Track

Have you ever dreamed of hiking the Australian Alps Walking Track, but were not sure how to manage the logistics of food drops and how to be picked up at the other end? We can take care of all that for you (Walhalla to Mt Howitt) from our base in Morwell.


Cruise Ship Excursion Package

A day trip from Melbourne including coach transfers, catering and extraordinary entertainment. Ghost Towns, Mines and Mountains is a premium 4WD safari rated by the world's most discerning tourists as one of the best.

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