Join us for a tag-along tour with a difference!

Guided tag-along Tours enable you to travel in your own 4WD vehicle, but with the confidence of knowing you are being looked after. You don’t need to worry about getting lost, getting stuck or where to camp for the night. Experience beautiful campsites and scenery you didn’t know existed! A variety of day trips, weekends, and occasional extended trips are available, especially during school holidays. Our day trips are mostly around the Walhalla~Licola area, starting from our base in Morwell which is only a couple of hours down the highway from Melbourne. We have special tours planned for most long weekends and school holidays, exploring further into the Victorian high country and sometimes interstate. Convoy sizes are kept small, generally with only 3~8 tag-along vehicles, so people get to know each other well, our emphasis being on cooperation rather than competition. As a result probably the most enjoyable feature of our trips is the sense of community which develops.

  • See how teamwork can overcome obstacles.
  • Gain confidence in exploring the unknown.
  • Safely tackle some of Australia’s toughest 4WD trails.
  • Find your own secluded campsite by a fresh mountain stream.
  • Thrill to the spectacular mountain-top scenery of the alpine high plains.
  • Follow the footsteps of the pioneering cattlemen and gold miners.
  • Enjoy yarns and games around a cosy campfire.
  • Discover how simple bush cooking always tastes better.
  • Really get to know your family and meet new friends too.
  • Marvel at creation and maybe find your place in it.

Upcoming day trips:

Upcoming camping trips:


$140/vehicle per day (for any number of people, with your own food and camping gear). Past customers $120/day and longer trips discount by up to about 30%.

Upcoming Dates of Tours:

For our latest upcoming tours and training dates, please click here .

Food Recommendations:

Some suggestions for simple but popular camping meals: View Here.

Our Team:

Dedicated to helping you experience the best, it includes Dr Ron Camier (former research engineer, 4WD association president and youth camp director), Andrea Camier (speech pathologist and mum), Marcus, Alan “Tex”, Simon, Pete, Brad, Frank, Sarah and Russell. You’ll have to meet us on a trip.

Past Trips:

Some idea of where we go and what we do can be gained from the Past Trips Page: HERE

Terms and Conditions:

Full terms and conditions along with policies can be viewed HERE.

 For beginners:

Although we recommend starting with our Driver Training Certificate Course, most of our tag-along trips are an enjoyable outing where we introduce you to four wheel driving through a few informal learning experiences. We start off with guiding you through the basics, and by the end of the day most people are amazed at what they and their vehicle can do! At each obstacle we usually stop and have a chat about it, demonstrate what to do, then guide you while you tackle it. Once you’re comfortable with that we move on to the next one. We also discuss some things by two-way radio along the way, so we recommend you bring along a UHF radio (a cheap hand-held one is sufficient) or borrow one of ours.

The day trips are normally held in the rugged and spectacular mountain country around the Thomson, Aberfeldy or Macalister Rivers. However just because we call them “introductory” doesn’t necessarily mean that they are “easy”. It just means that we do it in easy stages, so even a first-time four wheel driver can complete the trip successfully. Standard vehicles with standard tyres are satisfactory. However more experienced drivers will still find a challenge. Seeing the enjoyment that this gives participants is what we really enjoy about these trips, and why they are so popular.

Camper trailers:

Camper trailers are becoming more popular, being convenient and more comfortable for camping in adverse weather conditions. However, on narrow, steep and winding mountain trails, even the “off-road” type, are not recommended. So we have several types of trips on which they can be brought along:

  1. Desert trips where the country is flatter and more open, can accommodate off-road camper trailers.
  2. Base camp trips where we set up at bush cabins or national parks-type camping areas are also OK for off-road camper trailers. These trips are run usually during school holidays.
  3. Day trips run in conjunction with our Latrobe City Visitors 4WD Day are suitable for caravans based at a caravan park.

Contact us to discuss your interests and possible trips.



143 Princes Drive, Morwell Vic, 3840

Frequently Asked Questions

When are they on?

Most are on the "Upcoming Tour Descriptions" page, but our schedule changes constantly and includes various "maybe" trips as well as the definite ones, so the best way to know what's available is simply to phone and give us what dates would suit you, plus any ideas of what you would enjoy on the tour. If your preferred date is free we can book you in. Alternatively we will outline what trips are already planned which may be suitable.

How do I book?

Your booking is then confirmed over the phone (with deposit) We then send a letter confirming details.

How long are they?

Most trips are either day trips, weekends or public holiday long weekends, usually starting from Morwell. (Map to find us: click here). Occasionally we run longer trips, especially during school holidays, or half-day trips and charters. We also run trips on weekdays. All this is flexible to meet your needs.

Where do they go?

There is always a balance to be found between rushing to see a lot and having time to really relax. Day trips usually visit the rugged gold-mining country north of the Latrobe Valley. Weekend trips often venture into the alpine high country beyond Licola and Dargo. Longer trips can visit more remote parts of east Gippsland, the spectacular mountains of north-eastern Victoria or the deserts of western Victoria and South Australia. Actual itineraries are continually modified during the trip to suit timing, participants' interests and prevailing weather conditions.

What times do they start and finish?

Since most customers come from Melbourne (eastern suburbs 1½ hours from Morwell) we usually aim to get started by about 9:15am, and be back onto a major highway and heading for home by 5:30~6:30pm on the last day.

Will they be suitable for tag-along beginners?

We look after people and their vehicles. As well as adjusting the itinerary, we provide guidance and training as necessary. Our leaders are equipped for just about any contingency. We also have satellite phone external communication available, and you can use our satphone for a small fee, or even less if you have your own Telstra SIM card with international roaming.

What about people with special interests?

We can make the tour as adventurous as you would like. We also assist people wanting to visit special destinations, or for photography, historic sites, gold-fossicking or ski-touring in remote areas. For families we have various activities for kids to have fun. On longer trips (eg. 5-day) we usually include a "rest day" for bushwalking, swimming, campfire cooking etc.

Is food and camping gear supplied?

For passenger tours, yes! Tag-along tours are priced on the basis that customers supply their own, however we can cater and provide equipment hire at additional cost. For some suggestions on self-catering see the "Food for 4WD Touring" page.

What accommodation options are there?

We prefer camping because it gives greatest flexibility with places to go, and because things such as campfire cooking can be a unique attraction of 4WD tours. However we also can arrange accommodation in cabins or country pubs, around Latrobe City before or after tours.

What about toilets and showers?

We call in at toilets where possible, some campsites have a "long-drop", but in the bush it's mostly taking the shovel for a walk (with our "Royal Throne" as an option)! In warm weather we often set up a hand-shower cubicle, or there's a river to swim in. Also using "baby wipes" in your tent between showers is a popular option.

How are our tours different from 4WD club trips?

We care for you and your vehicle. Our first priority is to look after your interests and enjoyment. Our leaders are experienced professionals with an intimate knowledge of the areas we visit. We believe a good tour is more than just driving, it's the great people that come and the sense of "community" that develops. Then there are all the extras such as Andrea's home-baked cookies, Ron's amazing stories and Ian's brilliant technical fixes!