Don’t have your own 4WD vehicle? Why not hire one of our fully equipped Land Rover Defenders.

Our Land-Rover Defender 4WD vehicles can be hired as either:

  • Fully equipped with camping gear
  • As a 9-seater passenger vehicle

The Land Rover Defenders that we use are full-time 4WD, with 2.5L 300Tdi engine, are surprisingly powerful, and get excellent fuel economy (~11litres/100km).

Your ultimate Australian 4WD adventure is now possible with one of our fully equipped expedition Land Rovers. You can hire and drive, or join one of our guided tag-along tours.

  • Why invest $1,000’s more on owning a 4WD vehicle which spends 95% of its life on the bitumen?
  • Why compromise your 4WD safety with road tyres not suitable for the mountains or bush tyres not suitable for the road?
  • Why suffer all year the higher fuel consumption and running costs of a vehicle which was never designed for city life?
  • Why clutter your garage with camping gear that mostly collects dust? Why not simply hire the right gear, only when you need it?

Equipment included in vehicle:

Our vehicles have seating for five people, have air conditioning, rear diff locks, recovery equipment and tyres suitable for the terrain you may encounter. They feature a modular kitchen with roll-out fridge and stove, and storage bins for your food and all the cooking and kitchen gear (which we provide). There is a quick-slide rear awning for weather protection plus tents (including roof-top tent option), table and chairs and everything else you need for camping, right down to the vegetable peeler! We can even provide a navigation kit. Full details are on the Equipment Hire Form which we can send you. All you need to bring is food, clothes and sleeping bags. Alternatively we can set it up as a 9-seater vehicle.


Camping gear included $200/day, not included $150/day. Discounts: 4~6 days 10%, 7~13 days 20%, >14 days 30%


4WD touring in the mountains can be hazardous. Therefore we recommend that for your first trip at least, you join one of our guided tag-along tours at no extra cost. When you have gained the necessary experience, or have an equivalent qualification, you will be welcome to hire a vehicle for independent travel. Other conditions, including an insurance excess/security deposit, apply as well. See Vehicle Hire Conditions below for all the “fine print”.

Upcoming Dates of Tours:

For our latest upcoming tours and training dates, please click here .


Land-Rover Owners Club of Victoria

Adventure in luxury: Suggested 4 day Gippsland mountains 4WD self-guided tour

Put yourself behind the wheel of an expedition-equipped Land Rover Defender. Ahead of you is a four-day driving adventure through rugged alpine wilderness … Victoria’s High Country!

But you’re not “roughing it”.

Each night you will be treated to some of the best hospitality (albeit in some of the most remote locations), that Gippsland has to offer. Here is an example:

Day 1
Pick up your rental vehicle from Mountain-Top Experience in Morwell (160 km east of Melbourne, we meet you at the railway station). After vehicle/equipment familiarisation, and supply of route descriptions and maps, you’re off. Through ghost towns, mines, mountains and river crossings you follow the early prospectors’ trail to Walhalla Historic Township (population 11). Overnight at Walhalla’s Star Hotel (4 star accommodation B&B).

Day 2
On the southerly ascent of the Great Dividing Range you travel along old coach roads, exploring abandoned gold era relics, and also viewing the vast Thomson Reservoir (Melbourne’s main water storage and the highest rock-fill dam in the southern hemisphere). Deeper into the mountains, the sense of isolation is broken only by your welcoming arrival at Glencairn Mountain Hideaway, a pioneer homestead first settled in 1865. This is your B&B accommodation for the night.

Day 3
Passing through towering alpine ash forests, stands of gnarled snow gums and open snow grass plains, today is the high country at its spectacular best. The view from the Eagles Crest is breathtaking … only exceeded by the precipitous 4WD descent to the valley below. Beyond the sleepy, hill-billy country of Dargo there are more mountains and rivers to cross before arriving at Waterholes Guest House. From the balcony of your luxury apartment kangaroos can be seen grazing on the river flats.

Day 4
After a relaxing morning you descend from the mountains for the highway run back to Morwell, and thence your return to Melbourne and other trappings of 21st century life. But you reflect on the timelessness of the alpine high country, the quality of relationships wrought through a wilderness experience, and the enduring memories of your adventure in luxury.




4WD Hire Conditions

Driving Licence:

A current, full, Australian, country of origin, or International driving licence is acceptable. Please show at pick-up. The minimum age of drivers is normally 25 years. We reserve the right to refuse any rental at our discretion. For independent travel in a hired vehicle a 4WD Driver Training Certificate, equivalent experience or tag-along with an accredited tour operator is required.

Pick-up and drop-off:

At 45 McLean Street, Morwell . Between 7:00~9:00am or 7:00~9:00pm daily, unless arranged otherwise. The number of days (daylight hours) between these periods is the basis for calculating the number of rental days.

Rental duration and kilometres:

Vehicles may be hired for durations of 1 day to 6 weeks. The daily rate allows for an average 200km travel. Excess kilometres may be charged at 30 cents/km. Unless agreed otherwise in advance, the range of travel must be within Victoria or a maximum of 100 km into NSW or South Australia.


Although we run well-maintained vehicles, the need for minor repairs may arise. Any repairs costing over $100 will require our authorisation by phone. Costs will be reimbursed on the condition that receipts are provided when dropping off the vehicle, and the hirer was not responsible for the damage. We reserve the right to charge the hirer for any speeding/parking fines or accidents, including third party property damage, not reported on drop-off of the vehicle.

Vehicle condition:

We aim to present our vehicles immaculately. Before departure please take a few minutes to inspect the vehicle and discuss with us any exterior or interior blemishes . After drop-off we will clean the vehicle and camping equipment and carry out a thorough inspection of bodywork, interior and running gear. Any vehicle dents or paint damage, or missing/damaged equipment will be repaired at your cost (copies of quotes/invoices supplied). Excessive amounts of mud, wet tents requiring drying, food//drink spillage on upholstery, or paintwork scratching requiring polishing, may attract an additional Cleaning Fee of $50. This may take a few days to finalise.


No pets are permitted in our vehicles.


The vehicle fuel tank will be full on pick-up, and should be refilled at drop-off at your cost.

Refundable Security Deposit:

On pick-up of the vehicle a Security Deposit (which is also the Insurance Excess) of $1,000is payable. However this deposit is normally made by credit card Sales Voucher which is not processed, and is then destroyed upon satisfactory return of the vehicle. The daily hire charge includes a $20 premium to cover insurance beyond the $1,000 excess.

Insurance Excess:

Vehicles are insured for Third Party Property damage, but you (the hirer) are responsible for the first $1,000 of any claim, or repair costs, including windscreen and tyre damage. This excludes water damage, so keep away from beaches or deep water. Personal injury normally is covered by Registration Third Party Insurance, however customers wishing to insure personal belongings should take out personal travel insurance.


A Booking Deposit of $150 is required to confirm your reservation. The outstanding balance is payable at departure together with the refundable Security Deposit. Payments may be made by cash, bank cheque, personal cheque or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). However any payments by personal cheque or exceeding $2,000 by credit card must be received at least 7 days prior to departure. The Security Deposit is usually paid by credit card Sales Voucher, which is then destroyed upon satisfactory return of the vehicle. Note that all transactions are in A$, and that any cancellation is not refundable, but credits a future trip.



Land Rover Parts Disposals

We are not a spare parts dealer. These are just excess to our requirements.

Freight? Arrange your own or we will quote for $10 fee, refundable on purchase. For your budget assume about $20 for most items.

Location? All items can be inspected in Morwell, Victoria. Also we can deliver to Melbourne

  • Dual battery system rotary switch (heavy duty marine type) and wiring kit: $60
  • Standard suspension: Defender front coil springs, factory standard, suit Discovery or Range Rover rear, (see springs list page): $60 pair
  • Range Rover standard suspension (also suit Discovery): front (see springs list): $40 pair.
  • Standard suspension: Defender rear coil springs, factory standard (see springs list): $80 pair
  • Raised suspension: TJM series 2000 Defender heavy duty rear coil springs, 70mm lift (see springs list): $100 pair
  • Defender gear lever, shortened for sports shift (ex competition vehicle), suits R380 5-speed box: $40
  • Defender, steering damper, heavy duty, gas strut, $70
  • Defender drive flanges, standard, used, GC: $20 each
  • Defender brake and clutch pedal brackets: $40 each
  • Defender sun-visors, L & R, $10 each
  • Defender wing-top vents, 2 x plastic, $15 each
  • County or early Defender hand brake, complete with drum, shoes, linkages and lever: $90
  • Engine 300Tdi pistons and rings, standard size, have done 20,000km only. $200.


Defender Upgrades

Land Rover Defenders are very capable vehicles for difficult 4WD in the mountains. That’s why we’ve chosen them (as have the Australian Army). However we have also discovered their limitations (we have four 300Tdis) through operation in our 4WD tour business. So we’ve developed modifications which also could save other owners a lot of expensive problems:

Rear Axle/Seal Upgrade

Problem: Internal corrosion, spline fretting, axle twisting and eventual bearing collapse (wheel may break off)
Solution: High strength axles and thicker drive flanges with bearings converted to oil lubrication and anti-corrosion treatment of axle-casing.
Price: Parts plus fitting (4~5 hours) and oil.

Front Axle/Bearing Upgrade

Problem: Internal corrosion and spline fretting requiring expensive replacement of front CV joint/axle assemblies. 
Solution: Better-fitting drive flanges with bearings converted to oil lubrication.
Price: Parts plus fitting (2~4 hours).

Front Cabin Water Sealing

Problem: Roof cracking, gasket failure near windscreen, and water leakage into front foot-wells, causing corrosion.
Solution: Modified fixings and sealing.
Price: Parts plus fitting (1 hour)

Rear Maxi-Drive Diff Lock

Problem: Improve traction with a diff lock which is more reliable than air-operated types.
Solution: Install Maxi-Drive vacuum-operated diff lock. (May additionally involve diff overhaul.)
Price: Parts (incl. axle/seal upgrade) plus fitting  (8~12 hours). Includes loan exchange of rear axle assembly.

Rear Camp Kitchen Unit

Problem: Camping gear storage
Solution: Kitchen unit (fits fridge, stove and storage bins).
Price: Module (removable) plus fitting (4 hours)

Serpentine Belt Tensioner Modification

Problem: Possible unexpected bearing failure (immobilising vehicle), requiring expensive replacement of complete unit.
Solution: Tensioner modification to make bearing easily serviceable “in the bush”.
Price: Parts (incl. spare bearing) plus fitting (1 hour).

Steering Pitman Arm Modification

Problem: Wear on ball joint requiring expensive replacement of complete unit.
Solution: Recondition by replacement of ball joint with new, greaseable type.
Price: Parts plus fitting (1 hour).

Steering Track Rod Upgrade

Problem: Track rod is vulnerable to damage by rocks.
Solution: Replace with high strength unit.
Price: Parts plus fitting (1 hour)

Differential Re-Shimming

Problem: Driveline backlash/clunking during gearchange.
Solution: Remove (using our specialist tools), dismantle and re-shim front/rear/centre differentials to optimise tolerances, minimising backlash and maximising bearing life.
Price: Parts and labour depends on requirements.