Latest news – August 2016

Hi friends,

No, we haven’t been hibernating over winter. We’ve been flat out with snow season transport to Mt Baw Baw. Some recent feedback captures our approach to all of our tours:

It was our first trip to the snow as a young family with two young boys, our eldest who loves to run off without a care. It was quite hectic getting ourselves out of the vehicle and organised whilst at the same time watching that our almost 3 year old didn’t run into a car in the parking lot! This was made a lot easier for us because Ron watched our boy for us while we got ourselves unpacked. Then when my husband lost his phone and exhausted the battery of my phone trying to call his phone to locate it, Simon kindly lent us his car phone charger which meant we were able to continue to call my husband’s phone until luckily someone finally answered and informed us of its location! We were already 30 minutes down the mountain by then but Simon happily turned around and took us back so my husband could collect his phone. We are ever so appreciative of this very generous and kind customer service. Your staff have gone the extra mile to make us feel cared for and valued, something not easy to find in customer service these days. 10 star service! Yvonne and David N.

Upcoming trips are listed in the “upcoming trips” post. As usual we will have a stand at the National 4×4 Show next weekend where we look forward to meeting old friends and new. See×4-outdoors-show. Hope to see you somewhere!