January 2016 – Latest News

Hi friends,

Some of our adventures are of the ‘bush mechanics’ variety. Last week in the
Mitchell River National Park was a big passenger exercise involving five
Land Rover Defenders and a 25-seater Mitsubishi Rosa bus. Just after picking
up passengers, Defender3 fuel pump diaphragm split, dumping about two litres
of diesel through a drain hole onto the road before bringing our convoy to a
stop. A tek screw in the drain hole got us going again, but after another
half hour the pump’s lever arm snapped. Defender3 completed the tour on the
end of a snatch strap, and next morning we raced a new pump down and fitted
it for the second day’s tours. This day it was Bus3’s turn for trouble,
hitting an erosion gutter which bent the radiator support enough to jam the
engine fan against its shroud, resulting in overheating. After rescuing the
passengers, the bracket was jacked out again and Bus3 was successfully
driven back to Morwell that night!

This month we welcome Bevan French as the new MTE Mini-bus Business Manager.
With eight buses now, and bearing in mind Andrea’s health, we’ve decided to
shift the business away from our home and onto its own site. So we’ve just
purchased a former car yard and office in the main street of Morwell, and
hope to have this site operational within the next couple of months.

We are grateful for the huge support from friends, family and team members
as we tackle the challenges of this new year. We hope to see you on a trip